What is remapping?

All cars made since 1999 have an ECU (engine control unit) and the settings in the ECU are fixed by the vehicle manufacturer. A remap reprograms the car's ECU with new software, to improve power, torque and fuel economy of the engine.

A good remap should be carried out on a rolling road, unfortunately there are mobile operators who carry out remapping and caution should be used if considering this service.

Problems and risks

ECU remapping has become a more difficult and riskier procedure due to the increase in processor sophistication, software code protection and engine management technology. There are also other issues to consider:

1. The remap could affect the vehicle manufacturer's warranty.
2. If an error occurs during the remapping process, the ECU could become inoperable.
3. The dealer could flash the ECU, taking it back to it's original settings, or the ECU could be overwritten during a dealer servicing firmware update.
4. The ECU may have to be opened for remapping to take place and this puts it at risk of damage.

There are companies that offer a high quality remapping service, but there are also lots of companies that offer a cheap service, which could potentially cause damage to your vehicle.

The alternative is to use a diesel tuning box, these do not alter the software in the ECU but modify the signals from the ECU in real time. The diesel tuning box can be removed at any time and the box can be reprogrammed for another make of vehicle.

Just as there are companies that offer poor quality remaps, there are companies that offer poor quality diesel tuning boxes. Both have the potential to give poor performance and cause damage to your vehicle's engine.

We offer high quality tuning boxes with a 14 day money back guarantee as well as a 2 year warranty.