Below are testimonials from customers who have used the tuning boxes. We would love to know how you got on with your tuning box, so please let us know by contacting us here.

Just to let you know how pleased I am with increased performance.Fitting was straight forward,only hastle I had was disconnecting the standard pressure connector,once
I discovered the tab and disconnected the fitting the unit fitted easily in a couple of minutes. I haven't checked fuel consumption yet but feel it will improve the way the car responds to fine throttle imputs,it also enables me to select 6th gear much earlier. My son has a diesel holden Cruze and I have recommended your unit to him.
Thank you very much,an excellent product.

Kind regards,
Bob. Queensland, Australia.


My mondeo was always ok with it being the 130 but lacked a little perfromance
The car has 158k on but has always been serviced so has been looked after went to day and got the box fitted and now the car drives much better all round and is a lot
More responcive at all time I have the performance map and the adj screw at max and
There is no problems at all a just need a few more things doing and al be happy with the car this is by far the best value for money mod and I would highly recomend any 1 to get there car fitted with 1 top service and verry helpfull

Danny c

Fitted the CR Tech to my Seat Leon FR 170 Common Rail Diesel. Impressed with the quality of the digital box for the price. Instructions clear, straight forward fit, hardest bit was finding place to site the box and route the cable. With my car being nearly new I switched from the default map 1(fuel economy/increase low and midrange torque) to Map 2(maximum performance). I did after all buy this for a performance upgrade.

Having never tried a tuning box before I didn't know what to expect and I was a little sceptical regarding quoted increases from 170BHP – 212BHP and 350NM – 428NM Torque. But WOW what a difference(I can totally believe those figures).

The whole driving experience has improved vastly, the jump in performance is massive, loads more torque throughout the rev range. Now throws you back in your seat and keeps you there as the revs rise, doesn't tail off, Turbo lag has gone, instant on/off boost. Engine sounds much sweeter, less harsh and doesn't sound like it's being thrashed liked it did before.

Performance wise I know I'm now in the same league as Astra VXR/Focus ST etc(I have left the performance adjustment to default, so there's still more power if I want it). Plus getting decent MPG. Win/Win.

Andrew Shaw

My Pro box with boost control was delivered next day and took 10 minutes to fit. I have left the settings as standard but the results are still great. My 0-60 time has dropped from 8.2 to 7.0 with still more to come. On the drive to work today I was getting 56 mpg (up from 48) Great product!

John C

t's early days yet so it's hard to tell if my MPG figure has gone up, but the difference in power and drivability is brilliant!

The 525D is a pretty tourquey, reasonably quick old tractor in standard form but the tuning box has definitely given it some extra low down grunt. I can enterd a roundabout in 3rd gear, exit at around 1200rpm and the car pulls like a train without feeling like it's being driven hard. I would normally have to drop to 2nd gear if i'd wanted to 'make progress' from low revs before fitting the box. The car also seems to get up to speed with less fuss than before. It was already a decievingly quick car with it being so quiet and smooth but this has now been exaggerated. I was a bit worried I might end up leaving more black clouds behind me, but this hasn't happened either.

Well impressed so far and I have the map in it's stock position and just a small turn up from standard on the dial.

I'll report back once I've covered some more miles amd had chance to check MPG. I've covered around 70 miles so far so will see how many more i get before having to fill up again.

Mark Williamson

Cant believe what a difference a wee box can do to my car….. got it for improved performance and towing caravan. 4×4 feels like a hot hatch now. no power drop when changing gears/stay in top gear longer now and what a joy overtaking. 10 out of 10. Well worth the money.

S Galloway