The GPRS web based tracking, allows real time tracking with the latest Google maps on your smart phone or via a website.

Ω Worldwide availability
Ω Compact size and easy to conceal
Ω High sensitivity and the most advanced GPS chip
Ω Works well even in weak signal location
Ω Low consumption & fast capture signal
Ω Support SMS & GPRS
Ω Built-in Antenna
Ω 2 way locating methods based on MBS and GPS
Ω Supports web, SMS and Google map link
Ω No extra costs involved
Ω Online real-time tracking
Ω Password protected
Ω It supports hidden installation and open installation
Ω Powered from car cigarette lighter or car battery
Ω LED indicator to show working status

Easy to install

Ω Insert a (2G)GSM SIM card into the GPS tracker unit. (make sure the sim card can send and receive SMS, and it is enabled for GPRS) . Please note: support for 2G sim card only.

Ω Place the unit in your car and please make sure the receiving side is facing up.

Ω The device will power on automatically when connected to a power source. During normal operation, a red power LED flashes, while a blue GPS LED and a green GSM LED will remain lit.


Whenever you call the number of the sim card, it will respond with the coordinates of its location via a SMS message. You then use these coordinates on a Google map on your smart phone, which will show you the exact location where the unit is located. If you prefer, you can visit a website to real-time track your car. The website also has a playback feature that allows you to view where the vehicle has been for up to 30 days in the past.



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