Tuning box Xtra

Tuning Box Xtra

If you wish to know what the increased power, torque and mpg is for your particular vehicle, then please contact us by clicking here.

Our premium diesel tuning box offers unrivalled performance for your vehicle. This diesel tuning chip uses high speed digital microprocessor technology to deliver the best power gains possible. It uses dynamic mapping designed around specific vehicle models to ensure that the fuelling is always correct for your vehicle.

The Discovery Electronics Xtra diesel tuning box fills the gap between conventional diesel tuning boxes and remaps. Engineers have used data downloaded from the cars ECU to find engine limitations (preventing component damage) and potential areas for improvements, similar to re-mapping. This data is then utilized in the Xtra units in different ways.

The Xtra diesel tuning chip has the ability to provide huge low down and mid-range torque gains compared to conventional tuning boxes.

It comes with 5 user selectable fuel maps pre-installed for your vehicle, ranging from low down torque for towing, economy maps and all out performance maps; ensuring that there will be a fuel map to match YOUR needs and driving style.

The Xtra is also available with additional boost control on some vehicles to increase turbocharger output providing even bigger power and torque gains (up to 35%).

Boost models also come with BoostSense software, a technology not available elsewhere in the market. BoostSense monitors rather than increases turbocharger boost, allowing the unit to change fuelling in a more intelligent manner, preventing excess smoke off-boost and protecting your cars DPF (particulate filter).